Rescuers Save a Pit Bull With The Help Of A Foster Puppy !!

It’s important to microchip your pets. Even if they are indoor pets, sometimes accidents happen, and they manage to escape from the safety of their homes.Even dogs, who are taken outside regularly, can get lost and end up hundreds of miles away from home! And losing a pet is a devastating experience — as sad as losing a family member.

Prince the Pit Bull got lost, and then got trapped in a canal. A photo of the dog was posted online, and the folks at No Kill Kern responded to the crisis.

At first, it seemed like the rescue was going to go smoothly. The precious Pit Bull – pup followed the responders, but when a car backfired, the noise frightened him and sent him back into the canal.

The rescuers needed to find another way to save the Pit Bull, and waited until he emerged on the opposite bank. They managed to lure him back across with treats, but it was difficult to get him to come any closer.

That’s when they decided to use a foster puppy named Lindy. They hoped that Lindy’s presence would encourage Prince to come closer so that his microchip could be read…

Watch the clip to see the moment Lindy and Prince meet one another!

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