Rescuers Pet Dog Of Homeless Man, Then Discover Sad Truth About His Condition

We all love our dogs and whether we have a home or not, the love for our doggies is just the same. While on the streets of Rishikesh, India, the rescuers from Guardians of the Voiceless encountered just such a situation…

A man called Baba Gulab Singh, and his beloved dog and as it turns out also his best friend called Tiger were in a bad situation, there was clearly a problem!

The Guardians saw Tiger and stopped to pet him and say hello, but very quickly they saw a problem for Tiger, a huge tumor on the side of his body…

The rescuers really didn’t want to just leave them in this dire situation and wanted to do the best they could for them, they genuinely cared for Tiger and his owners love for him too!

Gulab explained that he had been in the hospital with Tiger but he just couldn’t afford the cost of the procedure that needed to be done if he had the money he would have had it done.


The man was very stressed about his dog and what needed to be done and that he couldn’t afford it. He was sleeping a the train station with tiger and they were huddling to keep each other worm, how sweet!

Tiger had a sweater on that had been made for him by his caretaker to keep him warm and healthy. He really needed the help of the rescue team…


The team contacted Dr. Bisth who agreed to help them. They made an appointment to drain the fluid from the tumor and make another evaluation the following day.

The Guardians said:

“After talking to Baba waiting for Dr. Bisth, we realized what a beautiful man he is, so humble and so loving towards all beings”


They also brought him a hot meal and ate it all together…

Baba said:

“…all animals in the streets were his best friends!”

Tiger got all the treatments he needed, thankfully he will also get the follow up treatments he also needed too!


The rescuers really do do everything they could to help TIger, and both Tiger and his owner were very grateful.

His rescuers said:

“We are beyond grateful to be able to serve Tiger and to help Baba feel better as he is very concerned for the life of his best friend!”


Best wishes to you Tiger and we hope you recover well!!

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