Rescuers Find Neglected Dog Tied Up, Then Angry Neighbor Starts Yelling At Them

It is scary to think of how many animals there are out there that are abused by the people who are supposed to love them.

But, we can all take comfort in knowing just how many organizations, rescues, volunteers; and more that are dedicated to ending animal abuse and neglect.

Pit Bulls and Parolees is a TV show that follows the work of the Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans; though they previously began their work in Southern California.

On the show, they often rescue abused pit bulls, and in this episode, the situation is no different. They got a call, telling them someone had left a pit bull chained up in a yard for days.

When they got there, they were horrified to see the dog had no food and had a scary makeshift after to sleep. Yet, even though this dog had clearly been neglected, they were so friendly and wagging their tail!

It was easy to get the pit bull on a leash and as they head back to their van; a neighbor opened their door to yell at them. Apparently, the pit bull’s owner was just upstate! But the dog was starving and his fur showed signs of neglect. The angry neighbor cursed at them and told them how messed up it was to take someone’s dog.

If you love the work that the Pit Bulls and Parolees crew does, you will also be proud of them for standing up against this owner that tossed his dog on the streets after the pit bull peed inside the house.

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