Owner Thought She Had Died Two Year Back – Rescuers Found Her Living Alone In Mountain!

There are many sad times that we encounter, losing pets is one of those times, but then almost an impossible amount of time to discover they are alive, that really is both amazing and astonishing!

So, just imagine this, animal control is trying to capture a dog, she was roaming near a gated community close to the mountains.

The poor girl was so thin and really needed feeding and to be cared for, more than likely she also needed some treatment or medical care too.

It was a miracle that she was alive it turned out! Hope For Paws came to her rescue and when Animal Control failed, then it was a really great thing that they did too!

She had lost a considerable amount of fur and her bones were clearly poking through her skin, it was a really heartbreaking picture to see.

Rescuers fed her and they sneakily got behind her to snare her, it would be a scary few seconds for her but really necessary.

The streets and the mountains are really no place for a lovely doggie, she will need a real forever home, love and food and medical treatment!

At last the skinny poorly dog was safe with the rescuers and placed her in one of their cars, she was pretty scared, but that is normal in these cases.

The rescuers gave her a name, Edna, they took her to the facility where they checked her microchip, that’s how they found that she had one and found her previous owners!

Her original owner gave her a new home years ago, but those owners told her that Edna had died, how really terrible!

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