Rescuer behind house of horrors? 111 animals removed from Texas home

A woman claims that she was rescuing the animals who were found at a home in Keller.

Were 111 animals found inside of a deplorable Texas residence being held by an animal rescuer?

Sandy Shelby with The Humane Society of North Texas, the agency which seized the animals from a home in Keller, told Fox 4 News that the homeowner being investigated has stated that she was rescuing the animals from area shelters.

The conditions at the residence have been described as “inhumane” and “deplorable.”

When the authorities arrived at the house on Tuesday, they found dogs and cats everywhere, even 14 who were being held in a parked van which was not turned on.

Capt. Thomas Simmons with the Keller Police Department told WFAA News, “It wasn’t running. And there were a number of animals inside in kennels and cages.”

Animals being held inside of the house had no relief from the 90-degree heat – the Humane Society of North Texas stated, “Authorities discovered 84 emaciated cats in heat distress living in the garage with no AC or water. Their litter boxes were filled with feces.”

In most every portion of the house, animals were found – puppies in a bathtub and cats stacked in cages in the garage. According to the animal shelter, exams revealed that all of the animals will require medication for dehydration, malnutrition and other illnesses.

So many animals were packed into the house and property that it took a dozen people six hours to remove them all.

The animals are currently receiving treatment for their various maladies and as soon as the Humane Society is granted legal custody, the seized cats and dogs will be made available for adoption.

As for the self-described animal rescuer behind the distressing situation, she has not yet been charged. The case is still being investigated and charges may be forthcoming.

(Images via Humane Society of North Texas)

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