‘Rescuer’ accused of abandoning dogs – several found shot dead at her home

A young woman who claims to have rescued over 100 dogs from Texas’ Fort Worth Animal Shelter, is accused of later abandoning the dogs.

According to Thursday’s WBAP News, recently; multiple dogs were also found shot to death outside of the woman’s home in Arkansas.

The woman accused of abandoning the “rescued” dogs has been identified as Whitney Smither of Horatio, Arkansas. Smither’s boyfriend, Brian Moore, is accused of shooting the eight dogs which were found dead at her home. Moore is facing multiple counts of animal cruelty for the dogs’ deaths.

According to Dallas News, Moore claimed that he killed the dogs who had been rescued by Smither because they were infected with heartworms, and/or they posed a threat to humans or livestock; the dogs were apparently shot after Smither left Arkansas. Though Smither is listed as a suspect in the cruelty investigation, she has not yet been charged.

abandoning dogs Whitney Smither
Whitney Smither

Dozens of dogs that Smither claimed to have rescued from the Texas animal shelter remain unaccounted for. On Wednesday, the rescue group Ark-La-Tex Animal Rescue, utilized social media in an effort to determine the fate of the dogs – the agency wrote:

We are reaching out to the rescue community, transporters, cross posters, fosters, volunteers, friends, and even family that may have any scrap of information that may tell us where any of the over 200 animals that came into the possession of Whitney Smither and Brian Moore between April 2016 and November 2016 might possibly be. Look through your old messages, texts, Facebook posts, receipts, and think hard, then contact me.

Everything will be taken into consideration. We have to be the voices for the voiceless in this nightmare, because their one voice isn’t talking.

According to the WBAP report, Smither has “fled” to Indiana – charges against her are expected.

abandoning dogs

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