Rescued dog can’t stop kissing man after he saved her from being killed for her meat

I wish I could spend every day reading and writing about animals being saved and rescued dog like this case.

Sadly, not every animal can be rescued from deplorable conditions; but I hold out hope for the animals that make it through.

More than 30 dogs have been saved from becoming someone’s next meal in South Korea. The dogs are referred to as “dog meat dogs” as they all live on a farm until they’re killed for their meat.

The Humane Society was not going to let these dogs die for the sake of becoming a meal; so they stepped in to help. Over 30 dogs were saved and moved to North Carolina!

All of the dogs were put into no-kill animal shelters and are now up for adoption. One dog was so happy to be saved, she couldn’t help but give her rescuer a ton of kisses to say thank you! I’m sure that made him very proud to be involved in this rescue.

Kelly O’Meara from Humane Society International said this rescue is in an effort to stop this trade industry; make it an issue known globally, as the animals in these dog meat farms live in barren cages until they are killed.

If you love to read stories about animals being rescued, you will love to see this video below.

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