Rescued dog fighting for his life gets gentle bath and lots of love!

A realtor who had taken a wrong turn wound up discovering what looked like a drop zone for dog fighters, and found one dog alive!

Rock Hill real estate agent Casey Lawrence discovered the wounded Pit Bull thrown out in the woods, while she was trying to find his way home from an open house.

The dog had been dumped and left to perish after probably being used as a lure dog by dog fighters.

He had been found in a heap of bones and animal carcasses!

Thankfully, Casey discovered the dog, which he named Rambo, just in time! She hurried Rambo to Baxter Veterinary Clinic, where they discovered that he was covered in bite marks and lacerations.


The dog Rambo was seriously wounded, and some of the wounds on his legs were contaminated with gangrene.

The clinic’s personnel went to work in an attempt to save Rambo’s life.


They carefully cleaned his cuts and provided him antibiotics and IV, after which they supervised him closely for 48 hours.

After only 2 days, Rambo was sitting upright and wagging his tail a little. He also demonstrated a bit of hunger, which was a great relief to his vets.

Sad to say, Rambo hasn’t fully recovered yet. His right hind leg was very seriously wounded – so much so that it had to be amputated.


Due to the degree of Rambo’s traumas, he was transferred to Charlotte Animal Referral & Emergency (CARE) for more intensive treatment solutions.

“Both back legs sustained injuries that were most likely caused by ties on his ankles,” CARE shared on Facebook.

“He is really a trooper and often will wag his tail and offer kisses regardless of the mistreatment he has suffered.”


The doctors hope to save Rambo’s left leg, which to them is “still in limbo.”

Every Life Matters Animal Rescue is helping Rambo throughout his recuperation. In a smack of great luck apparently, realtor Casey is a board member of the rescue operation!

They shared these updates on YouCaring following Rambo’s initial operation: “He happens to be extremely out of it right now because of the anesthesia but he is aware you are there, whenever you walk out of the room he places his paw up so that you could return.”


The rescue states that it’s praying that police look into the location where Casey discovered Rambo to find out if they can track down who might be responsible for the unlawful activities.

For the time being, Rambo’s rescuers have their fingers crossed that he will continue to recover! He’s a great trooper!

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