This Dog wants to be rescued so bad, but can’t move!

So we’ve all seen the super sad animal shelter commercials right? The ones with the even sadder music playing while we look at the faces of abandoned dogs.

While we sit there and cry into our dinners wishing we could help, you have to admit it’s effective! It always makes me want to run out and volunteer at my local Humane Society.

These commercials and videos are necessary to make people wake up to the abuse millions of dogs face everyday. It also helps raise awareness of organizations that are trying to help these dogs.

One of these amazing organizations for example is Hope for Paws. And let me tell you do they ever have videos to go along with their rescue stories that are cause for immediate tissue location!

But again they are doing amazing work and anything that helps bring attention to it is a great thing. Even if I have to reapply my mascara.

Hope for Paws got a call from a site with an injured Pit Bull. When they pulled up they spotted a make-shift shelter with a piece of plywood concealing her.

They offered her bits of hamburger which she happily accepted. She was responsive and eager towards the rescue crew but for some reason she wasn’t getting up and coming to them.

She was so happy to see a leash when they pulled it out to harness her she began licking it and wildly wagging her tail, still however not getting up. It was discovered she had a BAD cut on her leg, the poor thing!!

While there a man told them a friend had been coming to feed her for weeks. Because of the cut on her leg she had been unable to care for herself.


They named her Penelope and took care of all her medical needs. In no time she was back on all four paws ready to find a new home. Again we thank these selfless people who see some very tough and disturbing things while devoting their lives to helping our canine friends.

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