Couple Rescue Pregnant Dog Just Hours Before She Gives Birth

Chris and Mariesa are used to life in the dog house having 8 dogs of their own. But when they came across Storie, a pregnant dog at their local shelter, they knew they didn’t want to leave her there to have her babies.

“ Pregnant Dog having puppies at shelters, it’s not the best thing for him. It’s stressful for her, stressful for the puppies,” Chris explains.

They decided to foster Storie and so they set up a comfy bed for her in preparation for her labor. They figured they had a few days for her to get used to her temporary home but within 18 hours of arriving at their home she had given birth to 12 puppies!

It looks like they got her home just in time! Within a few weeks the puppies were growing, opening their eyes and being rambunctious youngsters.

Chris and Mariesa already have a full house so there wasn’t a chance of adding 13 new dogs to their family. But with the help of Pibbles and More Animal Rescue all of Storie’s puppies found loving homes. And Storie? A friend of Chris’ helped give her a happy ending too!

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