Pitbull refuses to leave Ellen alone, his hilarious antics have audience rolling in laughter!

Pitbull has a reputation for violence, but that is simply not in his nature. When it comes down to it, Pitbull is as sweet as any other dog…

It’s only a matter of how they were raised.

Thankfully, advocates abound to help turn the Pitbull stereotype upside down.

Tia Torres runs a Pitbull shelter called the Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans.

The shelter takes in stray pit bulls and even those used in illegal fighting rings in order to treat, rehabilitate and rehome them.


The shelter employees newly released ex-convicts and teach them how to care for and train the pit bulls they rescue.

The training process is hugely therapeutic for both Pitbull and man.


It helps the dogs learn to trust people after a lifetime of abuse and the newly released inmate the perfect outlet to adjust to life outside.

Tai was recently invited to appear on the Ellen Show and brought along 9-year-old Snorky.

His newly released trainer Robert to show Ellen what the shelter is all about.


It’s safe to say, Snorky totally stole the show.

This little guy is hilarious! How had he not been adopted yet?!

Check it out in the adorable video below!

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