Rescue at a loss for words over monstrous acts of animal cruelty

A street dog had been tortured and abused, monstrous acts of animal cruelty.

The Association for Abandoned Animals, a government organization dedicated to helping animals in the island-state of Malta; (located in the Mediterranean Sea – south of Sicily); were at a loss for words over the monstrous acts of animal cruelty inflicted upon the defenseless dog.

Dubbed Horace, the stray, white Boxer had been roaming the streets on Friday and was so scared he wouldn’t let anyone near him. His face was covered with blood, his ears had been hacked off with a knife or maybe a pair of scissors, his eye had ruptured and even his tail bled. After four hours of eluding his rescuers, Horace was finally captured and rushed to the Happy Paws Clinic.

His wounds were cleansed, and his ears and tail were repaired to avoid any further infection.


And as Horace was about to undergo surgery to remove his ruptured eye, an even worse discovery was made. Again volunteers were at a loss for words as the monstrous acts of animal cruelty must have continued for hours or even days. Radiographs revealed the dog had been repeatedly shot on his face and head with pellets.

“The vet tried to remove as much lead as possible but some are going to be impossible to remove even in any future surgeries,” the organization’s Facebook page posted on Saturday morning to help advocates and supporters be kept aware of the dog’s critical situation.

“The extent of animal cruelty happening daily on this Island is simply disgusting.”


No one knows who Horace belonged to nor where he came from. If anyone recognizes this dog, please contact the rescue.

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To help with Horace’s veterinary expenses and his recuperation, more information on donations can be found here. Get well soon Horace.