Mom And Newborn Pups, A Very Rare Breed Saved From The Streets!

A doggie stuck on the streets is never a nice thing, but the doggie here was not only stranded on the streets but also became pregnant too. Summer had been on the Los Angeles streets for quite some time before she was pregnant even…

Community members gave her food and water, so when she became pregnant and had her pups, they noticed straight away, they knew she would need help with her babies!

No one wanted her babies to have the same fate as her and knew it was time to call out for professional rescuers to help her…

The neighbors in the area really loved having her around and she was pretty well cared for, even without a home, that was before she got pregnant though!

Eldad Hagar, the founder of Hope For Paws, said:“She lived on the streets for a long time, she was fed by neighbors who found her a delight and who loved having her around.”


“However, she also had babies in the bushes that needed help. The people reached out to us so that the babies and the mother could live in better and healthier conditions.”

Summer had birthed six puppies, she kept them close quietly in the busy, just caring for them as best she could.

The rescuers came to get her and her puppies, they needed better than the streets could offer her, and her babies too, they were greeted by a happy mom, she seemed to know they were there to help her and her babies!

Normally it’s not heard of for mothers to let strangers close to her, but she seems to know they were there to help and let the rescuers close to her pups, she was happy even to see the rescuers, how clever!

They took Summer with her babies to the vet to all get checked out, they are all really well and healthy, amazingly they discovered something else awesome too…

Summer was a Berger Picard, which also happens to be a really rare breed of dog that is certainly never found living on the streets, what are the chances of that, its almost never hear of, ever, what an awesome surprise!


Summer with all her sweet and beautiful puppies were put into foster care, this is what she really was so desperate for because they will all be looked after and get the love and care they need, as well as a safe place to grow up a little more.

They will grow and be cared for until they are all old enough to be adopted, not only will they get a second chance at life, but a rare breed has prospered just a little more too.

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