Rescue Group Held Lost Dog For Ransom Says The Owners!

When you lose a dog because he somehow escapes from you, the last thing you expect is that when you recover your dog that the organization who are holding him refuse to give her, or him back to you. Well, that’s almost exactly what happened here!

The family and advocates claim that the dog rescue group in Queens held the doggie hostage for days, they refused to release her until the owners paid hundreds of dollars.

The owner, Susy Cipia with her son say that Korean k9 rescuers, the non-profit organization that was holding her, refused to return their 4-year-old Sheba-Inu, called Lily. They wanted the family to give them the cash for them to perform a sterilization, they didn’t even want that!

Cipia’s son, Axel Ventura, 15, translated for his Spanish-speaking mom: “We’re angry and upset …It’s like holding a kid hostage.”

It was very unfortunate how it came about, Lily had escaped from their backyard, in Long Island City, on 26 March, she was then found by someone who took her to the local Vets…

rescue group

The doggie was only found just a couple of blocks from their home by the person, but the vets saw her microchip was expired and put a photo of the dog on their Facebook page…

Lily’s owners say that the Korean K9 Rescue volunteered to take the doggie, but then when the family tracked her down the next day, the rescue director, Gina Boehler said they would not release her without $250, to spray the dog!

The owner, Cipia, said that she wanted to breed her and she really didn’t want her to be sterilized at all, but the rescue group plain refused to release the doggie back to her.

rescue group

According to Cipia the workers at the rescue group would not even say where they were holding ber beloved doggie!

Eventually, on Friday, the rescue group backtracked and decided to return Lily back to her own without any charges or costs, but only after a considerable amount of pressure on social media from another group called “Queens pet owners” and a Cipia’s lawyer too!

The rescue group also fights the meat dog-trade in Korea too, the Director of the group said that they thought that the city required her to spray all dogs before releasing them and that is why she made the demand.

Sha said:

“Holding it hostage wasn’t my intent at all …We just wanted to make sure we were following the law.”

The Department of Health said, in response to this that the city does not regulate these rescue groups, unlike shelters which it does regulate!

Please share this with friends and family, and let it be a cautionary tale to pay close attention to stop your pets as best as you can from escaping from your yard, you may get them back sprayed or neutered!

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