Rescue Dog Heard Cries Coming From The Water. Who He Saved? INCREDIBLE!

Man’s best friend, indeed. A Bernese mountain rescue dog is being hailed as a hero after he rescued two swimmers who got caught in a dangerous rip tide at a California beach.

While we’ve seen plenty of amazing dog rescues, like the rescue dog who saved an army veteran and the rescue pup who saved his family from a fire, this story proves that dogs truly are are gift from God.

The dog’s owner, Dan Clarke, was shocked when his three-year-old Bernese mountain dog ran into the ocean after a couple started screaming for help.

The woman’s husband had tried to swim the 100 yards out to his wife, but he had also found himself taken by the current and couldn’t reach her. It was the dog — not a lifeguard — who would ultimately save them.

“He went right out to her, right up to the side of the boogie board and he swum his body around while he was swimming,” Clarke told KTLA. “I just said, ‘Grab him anywhere you can.’ “

Nico’s owner, a former lifeguard, said he had never seen his newly adopted dog perform a feat like this. After the amazing rescue, the couple joined their children back on the beach. They were incredibly grateful to Nico for coming to their rescue and saving their lives.

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