He Tries To Rescue His Dog On The Cliff Side, But Falls Hundreds Of Feet!

The scene was beautiful, however, it was windy and cold next to the sea, it was on the Thornton Beach, in the San Francisco Bay Area, this was going to be a fateful morning for this dog owner …

The beach its-self was really lovely, set onto a backdrop of cliffs it’s the kind of place where families gather and dog walkers emanate too, it’s a truly beautiful coastline!

Just after 11:30 in the morning this one man attempted to save his dog and it cost him the biggest cost of all, his life…

It was confirmed by the national park service that the 67-year-old guy was actually trying to rescue his dog who was stranded and scared on the cliff-side, such a sad ending, he really loved his dog!

As he ventured down the side of the cliff to try to reach his beloved dog he slipped, losing his footing, the drop was severe, he fell to his death, sadly he had no chance of survival from that height.

dog owner

The emergency services raced to save him, the firefighters rushed to beat the tide to save him but it was already too late for the guy…

The family arrived to recover the dog and to support each other, they were all clearly devastated to find out what had happened, the helicopter from the California Highway Patrol airlifted the guy’s body and the firefighters to safety.

The Authorities advised:

“Stay on the trails, especially I mean the ice plants will be slippery with the moisture …That’s why I can see someone slipping on the edge.”

The helicopter landed on the local car park area and transferred the guys body to the County Coroner’s van, the family must have been so incredibly shocked and stunned over what happened.

The Park Service warned people again not to even attempt to traverse the cliff and especially not by themselves, usually in these cases the dog lives but the human doesn’t, its so sad to see this happen.

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