Nurse Takes Out Anger On Girlfriend’s Dog, There Was No Hope For The Poor Puppy

What kind of person, we ask ourselves, can really beat any animal so much that they are incapable of staying alive, for that matter who would do this to an animal, sadly there are people that do…

It’s truly a terrible thought, for most of us anyway, to see a dog cry in pain and to suffer, such intelligent an innocent creatures, it definitely is criminal!

One such a guy, called Steven Severino, 31-years-old exists and was arraigned to count for animal cruelty in Malden District Court, he was ordered to keep away from unsupervised contact with animals again.

One thought that does cross our minds is this if you are the kind of person to flaunt the law already, why would you take notice of an order to stay away from animals?

In the court the prosecutor said that he broke the dog’s jaw, then later, apparently, the dog succumbed to his injuries, there was no hope for the poor dog.

Parker Williams, the prosecutor, said:

“Several neighbor witnesses in this matter alleged to hear whelping from a dog, as well as a sound they believed to be a dog being thrown against a structure”

Steven, it was said, had told the police officers that the dog had fallen, but there were witnesses, even children from the area and they all told a very different story of what happened.

The judge set the bail to be a strikingly low $150 cash, his attorney said that there was a video that someone had too, but that he had not seen it…

Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria said:

“I am shocked and saddened by the death of this animal …We all know that dogs love us unconditionally and are the truest of friends. Behavior like this will not be tolerated in this city and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

Steven had no previous criminal convictions and was a High School Graduate, apparently, he recently started working as a licensed nurse too.

We shudder to even hear about these cases but again hope that spreading this news will help to introduce tougher laws against these terrible crimes. Please SHARE with friends and family and help the cause.

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