Refusing To Move, Shivering In The Kennel Scared after returning to the shelter twice!

This poor dog really needed help, and thankfully Melissa Davies, who already had a full house of pets as a teenager saw a video of him, heard his story and without a second thought decided she would help him!

He had a very serious infection, in fact, he had been tested for and had heartworm, that with severe hair loss all over his face he looked very sorry and was seriously ill.

The shelter makes notes about animals that stay with them, how they behave and how they are in general. These doggies notes said that he was good as gold, never put a paw wrong!

Once he received medical treatment for his ailments and hair loss he was adopted, again in 2016, March of that year.

Sadly though his adoption didn’t last long and the volunteers at the Rescue Group knew straight away when they saw him again, they recognized him from a video that was shared of a stray bulldog from the Pasco County Animal Services in Land o’ Lakes, Florida.


Poor Chevy was so scared in his kennel in his shelter, he didn’t seem to know if he was coming or going, or what exactly was going on. He shivered and shook in his kennel, he didn’t want to be moved by anyone…

Chevy’s video was shared and as it happens discovered by Davis and by Bill Gray, the director of ‘Second Chance Friends, Inc.’ rescue center. Gray agreed to withdraw Chevy from the shelter and Davis fostered him.


Davis said:

“I was nervous about taking Chevy into my home, as I have four older dogs and two cats, but something about him just spoke to me …I had also recently lost another American bulldog that had come from Pasco County Animal Services, so there was some sentimental value in taking Chevy in as well.”


Chevy was intended to be a temporary member of the family, so he could feel safe and secure while he found a new forever home, but once he had been with the family they really couldn’t bear to let him go to anyone else.

Davies Wife said about Chevy:

“He has never had an accident, chewed anything that he wasn’t supposed to or caused a single issue in or outside of my home.”

Chevy is part of the Pit Bull Picture project, it was all started, and continues for the purpose of showing people how awesome and gentle and soft pit bull’s can be, and to inspire more adoptions fo course!

Chevy adored his photo shoot, especially the peanut butter they used to bribe him with! After a spoonful of peanut butter he really felt like showing willing, you could see his expressions and his lovely personality really came out!


How awesome… If you love what’s happening here and this campaign to show the kindness and warmth of pit bulls then you can show your support and also SHARE with your family and friends.

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