Put To Sleep While Giving Birth, Rescue Center Says It Was The Right Call!

One of the deepest sympathies we have as humans is for a mother who is carrying a baby or babies inside her, and that naturally extends to a doggie mother too, but this story tells of a time that such things made no difference at all to the awful decision!

The mother, in this case, was a pregnant pit bull, in the Texas area and it was reported that she was euthanized while she was still in labor, we are really shocked, even more than any other time, aren’t you?

Well, it seems people are certainly feeling emotive towards this case because it’s going viral all over the place, and that doesn’t surprise us at all!

Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare volunteer, Dacia Anderson, posted a photo of the doggie and a story about what was ha happened that day…

She said that it all started while she was helping the rescue organization one day, on the 10th May, she had seen a dog in kennel G7, she was obviously pregnant.

Dacia said:

“She was friendly, but scared, and jumped up on me for comfort. I looked at her band and noted she had been an owner surrender the previous day”

Dacia described the dog as having no markings in her kennel to say that she was aggressive, but later in the day she saw that the dog was in labor and had given birth to a puppy already, the dog was on concrete so she alerted the staff!

Dacia went on to say:

“I then saw an AMW kennel attendant assembling a whelping box and assumed it was being handled …A bit later, I heard that a message had been sent stating G7 was euthanized. She was in labor and euthanized. An AMW employee later confirmed that it was indeed the same dog. Her last moments, while she lay dying, were spent still trying to clean her newly birthed puppies. Their words, not mine.”

The news reported that the director of AAMW, Richard Havens, made a statement that the dog had been surrendered as the owners contacted 911 to say the animal was vicious and dangerous.

Richard said:

“We responded after hours, we took the animal into custody and then the following morning we ended up euthanizing it due to the nature of the call and the behaviors the animal exhibited”

Richard said that the euthanasia was sad but the right thing to do and that it was a matter of public safety!

Dacia disagrees with him completely!

She said:

“She was not euthanized before she went into labor, she was not euthanized after, she was euthanized as she was delivering puppies,” she said. “So aggressive or not, I don’t know where you can excuse this or say this is why we did it.”

She also wrote on Facebook:

“I am aware that euthanasia is a reality at the shelter. I am well aware of the overpopulation problems. I am also well aware that AMW has to make hard decisions. However, I feel that this action is the exact opposite of a what “the most humane community in the Panhandle of Texas” would do. This act was horrific to say the least. If this is acceptable to the leadership of the shelter, then what is out of bounds?”

Dacia’s post has over 4,500 shares and well over 1,000 comments too, she also says that she does not volunteer there anymore either!

What do you think ?