Two Pups Committed To The End, Their Bond Was Just Incredible

How we support each other seems totally human, but often animals exhibit these same reactions and really support each other too, no more than this wonderful and cute pair…

About one year back Casey Alves would have never thought that she was going to become a mom to two lovely and adorable pit bulls.

With her husband, she had just recently got a house in Maine and adopted an older cat, Louise, from the rescue organization, the Coastal Humane Society in Brunswick.

Then Casey got a message that was about to change everything, from a friend who works in a great organization:

“I got a Facebook message from a family friend who is a foster for a local organization here that goes down south and picks up pups from high-kill shelters”

“She said, ‘We’ve got these two pit bull pups. They’re 5 months old, and they’re sisters, and they’re looking for somewhere to go, and hopefully, they can stay together.’”

Casey was not too sure at first, she needed to be at least a little confident that the two dogs, Ella and Ria would be happy and mix well with Louise, then she needed to consider the cost of them too.

Casey also then found out that the pups both had a bad case of demodectic mange, a disease caused by tiny mites that burrow into their skin, Casey was falling for them though…

Casey said:

“I said, ‘You know, let’s just do it. It’s just fostering …My husband is also an army vet. He had served overseas for a year, so he had always said that he wanted a dog.”

“Dogs are really good for vets, and dealing with some of the PTSD that they have.”

Casey and her hubby went for Ria and Ella in December of 2017, they were both in a fairly bad state.

She said:

“They were very small, and they were greatly lacking hair …Ria almost looked like a little old lady. It was clear to me that they needed more muscle, more meat on their bones.”

Pretty quickly Casey saw why the rescue group were unwilling to separate them, they were so bonded together, and inseparable.

Casey said:

“We got them into the back of the car, and they laid in the SUV cuddled in a ball …It was clear that they didn’t enjoy car rides, so their safety net was each other.”

As they explore together you could see how bonded they were, they stuck together like glue!

They two cuddled on the couch, sometimes right on top of her husband eve!

Casey said:

“It was clear that they were just so thankful to be somewhere …They jumped right on my husband … and laid together in a ball. Even now that they’re much bigger, too big to sit on our laps, they still do.”

Ella and Ria took weeks to recover from the mange, it was a really slow process, but the two sisters really supported each other through the whole thing!

About six weeks on and Ella and Ria were almost completely recovered, and all their hair had grown back too!

Casey wrote a post in Pittie Nation, a closed group on Facebook, it’s for pit bull lovers that’s tied to The Dodo’s Facebook Watch show, also called Pittie Nation, to share the story of the dogs’ remarkable recovery!

Casey said:

“I got a lot of comments and praise for taking them in”

One thing over all this time has certainly not changed at all, the two pit bulls love for each other, it’s stronger than ever!

Ria and Ella love each other, but more than that, they also adore the cat too, Louise. However, Louise isn’t too fond of them at all!

Casey said:

“Ria and Ella love to sit as close to her as they can …Louise will tolerate it for a few moments if they sit still, but usually, the girls try to sniff her or clean her ears. Once she’s had enough, she will hiss and walk away.”

In the end, they have the almost impossible decision to make, do they keep her or give her back, they just couldn’t part with her, and kept her, saying:

“They are our family now …I can’t imagine our lives without them at all.”

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