Puppy survived 10 days in sewer with no food or water!

In Ennis, Texas, no one knows how or why tiny puppy Louie ended up roaming the woods. But the ten-pound terrier with the saddest eyes and huge expressive ears was too frightened to let anyone approach him.

Barely ten pounds, emaciated and with his skin raw to the touch, he slept in a nearby drain pipe. He was hiding his face and trembling uncontrollably in fear.

When a rescuer’s grandmother was finally able to coax the puppy to her porch and gain his trust, Louie was finally captured. Late Saturday night he was rushed to an emergency veterinarian hospital when Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were notified and agreed to help.

“The fact that he’s alive right now is attributable to life saving emergency intervention,” stated Stacey Silverstein, the rescue’s co-founder.

“Louie is raw to the touch and on pain meds and will remain in the emergency hospital indefinitely,” she told Pet Rescue Report.


“He was tossed out, alone and on his own for nearly starving to death. He is just an innocent ten-pound puppy who deserves our support.”

Puppy Louie survived the first night after having been administered intravenous fluid for dehydration and pain.

According to veterinarians, his white blood cell count was extremely high. He then received a blood transfusion in the early morning hours.


After three nights in an emergency care hospital, on Tuesday afternoon, Louie was moved to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC’s partner veterinarian in Dallas for continued medical care.

Although he is still on intravenous medication for infections and pain relief; the good news echoed through the rescue halls when the tiny puppy began to eat and drink on his own.


This innocent little victim had truly been at death’s door. Now it is anticipated and hoped Louie will continue to fight the fight and get stronger.

Sadly it seems that animal cruelty and neglect never take a holiday.

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