Puppy Who Wasn’t Supposed To Survive Can’t Stop Kissing His New Mom !!!

This sweet Boston puppy terrier has managed to steal the hearts of his doctors and fans internationally. He even has a law named after him in the works that, if passed, would strengthen Pennsylvania’s animal cruelty laws.


He’s also carved a special place into the heart of the one woman who never once gave up on him.

Libre with Janine Guido, his rescuer and new mom

When Libre first came into the care of Pennsylvania’s Speranza Animal Rescue, there wasn’t much hope for him. He was emaciated and suffered from an extreme case of mange, a skin disease that left him hairless. And was made worse by infections and maggots that had burrowed into his flesh.


Yet, Janine Guido, founder of the rescue, saw something in little Libre that his initial vets, who suggested euthanizing him, did not — a dog who wanted to live. So she gave him that chance.


“We’ve seen really bad cases of abuse,” Guido told The Dodo. “But Libre from the get-go stole my heart. Each day with him was touch-and-go.” She added that even her boyfriend said he had never seen her so upset over a dog — Guido had cried for weeks worrying about him, simply hoping that he would pull through.

After he was rescued, Libre was transferred to the Dillsburg Veterinary Center, which often partners with Speranza Animal Rescue, to start his journey toward healing. For the first few weeks, Libre was depressed and his condition was unstable.


The puppy couldn’t even stand — but day by day, Libre continued surprise his caretakers with his incredible progress. puppy terrier went from a being a dog whose spirit was seemingly broken, to a survivor who beat the odds and now loves to take walks in the the sun and give kisses to his new mom …

… showing off more of his feisty, playful attitude toward her each day.


Guido, who fell in love with Libre after saving his life, decided to officially give him a home as well. Guido currently owns seven dogs, in addition to a few fosters, so Libre’s all set to join one very big family soon.


If all goes well with the last round of his IV antibiotics, Guido said. Libre is expected to come home for the first time on Friday.

I feel different about him, Guido said. “We definitely formed a bond. He’s like this little naked, hairless baby and you can’t help but love him … We’re just so blessed to have him in our lives.”


Watch this puppy terrier video showcasing just how far Libre’s come since his rescue:

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