Grateful Puppy Saved From Streets Won’t Stop Cuddling Up To His Rescuers

One welcome thought that always keeps us warm here at doggiescare is how much love our pups and dogs have to give us, and this warmth is just what this story gives us today…

A dog rescuer, called Tamara Johnston, has spent a long time rescuing dogs in Thailand, she is also the founder of Thai Street Paws Rescue and a dedicated rescuer too!

She was taking a little break, and buying herself a cold drink from a local shop, that is the moment when she saw a little 8-week old puppy in the streets where she was…

The poor pup was so thin and looked really poorly, a bloated and swollen tummy and a really bad flea and tick problem too, sucking the life out of him.

The poor little pup was out of his depth and really quite scared on his own in the streets, she had to take action of course, so that’s exactly what she did.

Tamara said:

“I asked the locals if he had an owner and where his mum was …They explained that the mum isn’t around, and his sister was recently killed by a car.”

“He had no owner, but he was hanging out between houses and trying to eat whatever he could find, which wasn’t much.”

Sadly though Tamara has seen so many sad cases like this one before, far too many times, but this puppy like all the others would get the help he needed…

She said:

“Amongst all the stray dogs in the area, he just looked unwell to me”

Tamara took the little pup straight to the vet, he snuggled into her lap the whole ride there!

She said:

“I honestly believe it was a huge relief for him …It was almost like he knew someone was going to help him. He didn’t move — he just snuggled into my arms and fell asleep. He knew he was safe.”

He snuggled and cuddled up to Tamara the whole way!

The called him Basil and gave him the really needed fluids and medicine at the vets…

She went on to say:

“Basil was an amazing boy — so well-behaved …But I think he was so tired of being so ill and had no energy.”

It looks like Basil will need to be cared for intensively in the vets for several days, then once he is healthy enough he will go back to the Thai Street Paws Rescue volunteers to recover, even more, gain a little weight and get ready to be adopted.

She really hopes that someone in the US will adopt him and give him a lovely forever home!

Tamara went on to say about him:

“He reminds me so much of a baby kangaroo and he seems so thankful I found him”

Tamara has about 100 dogs who all live at the Thai Street Paws Shelter, they are now looking to make the shelter even bigger to cope with even more dogs, she is truly dedicated to the work!

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