Puppy Starved And Trapped In A Cage So Tight His Legs Didn’t Grow – Finally Stabilized!

Some people in this world are naturally kindhearted, without them, the world would be a darker place, that’s definitely the case for little Bubs a young American Bulldog mix doggie…

The kindhearted person was aware that the young puppy was not being looked after and he was very concerned for the animal, he took the dog to the BARCS Animal Shelter.

Bubs was really thin, he was emaciated and it was easy to see that he really wasn’t being cared for at all…

So much was the neglect he suffered he was taken from the center to the ER at one of the group’s partners clinics, he really needed this immediate care!

Too weak to even lift up his head, the poor doggie, but he was able to muster a little wag of his tail, he know that he was going to be cared for.


The temperature of his body was so low that it only just registered and his heartbeat was faint and getting worse, the med team spent 12 hours with him under observation to get him stable.

They use heated blankets, with blankets on top of that, its the round the clock care that really pulled him back from the brink of death.

Bubs now must follow a strict regime of eating, his growth already damaged by the malnutrition, his poor little legs are malformed and underdeveloped.

He was confined to such a small space that not only could he not stand it really affected his legs and growth too!

He was finally stabilized and he could return to the main center at BARCS. And he can now look for a forever home, but not before he is strong again.


One of the staff members has already decided to foster him and nurture him back to health, how awesome, it’s a new beginning for this lovely pup!

At his foster home he spent most of his time cuddled up to his favorite things in the world, which were, of course, his foster brother’s Beans, and a heated blanket, how sweet!

The rescues at the center said:

“His eyes are lifted and free of worry – it seems that Bubs is finally learning what it means to be a loved dog.”

He is now completely stable and had a lovely bath, which he loved, of course!

He will need to see an orthopedic specialist then see what they can do with his legs and get some advice what to do next…

The rescue team said:

“When we see cases like this, our hearts sink, thinking of how hard it must be for animals like Bubs, who can’t call for help.”

Its such a relief he was saved in time, it was so close, touch and go, whether he survived or not… He really is a fighter but very sweet too!

BARCS is looking for donations to help pay for his operations and medical expenses, you can donate on the rescuer’s website if you want.

Bubs, we are so happy for you and hope you live a lovely safe and warm life, if you love this story about this sweet dog then please SHARE with your friends and family.

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