Puppy Found Sealed Into A Closed Box And Put Into A Dumpster

More and more in this world we are seeing that it’s the people who do good for selfless reasons that not only save dogs and rescue them but make the world a better place, but this one story contrasts with the worse people do…

One evening a guy was out walking when he hears what he describes as a soft thumping sound, interesting enough to catch his attention and make him investigate further.

The sound was coming from a nearby dumpster, which makes it even more worrying and unusual, he found a box that was sealed it was obvious there was an animal inside.

When he opened the box he was truly shocked with every fiber of his being at what he found inside the sealed box…

The first image he saw when he opens the box was graphic, but the pup did survive with proper care, of course, and by the end of this story you will see the difference!

The severely neglected and abused pup had just been left for dead by whoever had done this, it so despicable, who could do such a thing?


The guy contacted the Dallas Dog RRR and they sent two volunteers to him to help, the poor puppy that was treated like a piece of trash was going to get the care she needed and a second chance at life!

The pup was taken in his critical condition to the animal hospital where she received emergency care, she was in a critical condition.

They called the dog Sally, the animal hospital found her to have a high fever and was really dehydrated, with seriously debilitating mange. She was so weak that she looked lifeless, her open wounds looked so tender and sore!


Sally really was a little fighter though and through all the pain and suffering she clung on to her life, her tail wagged at the slightest excuse!

She sure was in for a long recovery but it really looked like, finally, there was some positive hope for her future prospects. Sally needed to stay at the hospital for a good few days still…


Patti was one of the people who fostered dogs and she took in Sally, she knew that many more visits to the vet were needed, the day the Patti picked up Sally, the dog showered her with kisses she was so excited!

That doggie just seemed to instinctively know that she was in good hands, it made all the difference in the world to have love and kindness, she will recover well and be so happy!


Sally made slow but definite progress during the time at her foster home, Patti really did some awesome things with her and gave her the care she really needed to recover, it was all worth it!


A few short months on and Sally is really well recovered and at last, she is mange free, if it had not been for a kind and caring person she would not be there at all, the thought doesn’t bear thinking about.

Alive and well Sally is really enjoying life and has found a new enthusiasm for everything that she does, don’t you think she looks awesome?


Sally’s last desire has come to fruition, she’s been adopted into a loving forever home, she will now live happily ever after, and a day!

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