Puppy’s maliciously shot 12 times, makes remarkable recovery when vets refuse to give up on him!

The owner of this ten-month-old puppy Ozzy from Vancouver Island was looking for him when he went missing. When he found him, he made a horrible discovery.

Little puppy Ozzy was just barely welcomed to the world but had been shot a staggering 12 times when he went missing.

Unfortunately, there are some people in the world who shouldn’t come anywhere close to animals.

It’s unknown who could perform this terrible act, but thanks to the quick reaction of Ozzy’s owner Lorne King – who found them in a neighbor’s yard – Ozzy was quickly helped and brought to a veterinary clinic and is currently recovering from his injuries.

Lorne also immediately called the police, after the vets confirmed that Ozzy had 12 gunshot wounds. Cst. John Varley from the West Shore Royal Canadian Mounted Police said there currently do not have a suspect.


But, whoever did this will face serious charges of animal cruelty and improper use of a firearm.

“Our greatest concern is that, while we can’t prove it, it seems that a dog shot once would have run away,” he said. “This one was shot 12 times. So we believe there was serious intent.”

Because a dog would usually run away after the first shot, the police suspect that the criminal tied the puppy down or trapped him into a corner.


“I was shocked that someone would stand there and shoot a dog at least 12 times,” Lorne said.

“If someone is willing to shoot a dog 12 times, what if there are kids out there playing,” he said.

This terrible act of useless violence left Ozzy, his owner, and the entire neighborhood shocked.

Animal cruelty is a serious issue. Hopefully, this incident raises awareness that animal cruelty is not okay, and that as a society we need to do more to make sure that animals are treated humanely.


Based on the evidence, there was clearly cruel intent to torture this dog. We hope that police are able to bring those responsible to justice.

We can’t believe that someone would do this to such an innocent, friendly creature.

Luckily, Ozzy has shown great strength and perseverance and has returned home to his loving owner. Although the pup is still recovering, he’ll be okay and is expected to make a full recovery.

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