Puppy injured after owner abandoned him in a bin outside of shelter

A young puppy was left to fend for himself when his owner abandoned him outside of a closed animal shelter.

This week, someone abandoned their puppy outside of a California animal shelter.

The pit bull puppy was left in a bin, along with a note from his prior owners, when the Lodi Animal Services facility was closed.

Tragically, by the time that someone arrived at the building, the puppy had escaped from the plastic tub and was subsequently hit by a car.

The Lodi Animal Services staff is using the sad situation to warn others NOT to leave animals unattended at the shelter when nobody is around to help.

The shelter stated:

Lodi Animal Services understands that at times families fall on hard times or they are unable to keep their animal for a good reason or someone finds a stray but is unable to keep the dog at their residence for a good reason. We would love to assist those people in what ever situation they are dealing with by either taking the stray in or recommending rescues that could assist the owner finding a new home for their pet, but leaving the animal unattended at the shelter after we closed is not the way to do it.

The puppy, who is 10-12 weeks of age, was rushed to a veterinarian after an animal control officer found him hiding in some bushes in the median of a nearby road. Thankfully, despite visible injuries, the puppy did not suffer any broken bones.

The puppy, who is recuperating in a foster home, is currently in protective custody while the authorities investigate the situation.

Donations for the pup’s care can be made to the animal services facility – click here for the agency’s website.

More news and updates at this link to National Animal News Facebook page – here. 

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