Puppy Collapsed On Strangers Patio, Another Bait Victim Rescuers Try To Save.

Things that inspire us are often unexpected in life, however, this puppies the whole purpose in life could well be to inspire us all, through life’s challenges, now that is a lovely thought!

Sweet little Jax really is as sweet as candy, a little bundle of a pit bull he is about five months old and has survived against all the odds.

He was really badly injured and found his way onto a porch before he gave out and collapsed in a heap.

The owner of the house found him there on his porch and scooped him up, then quickly called the rescue group, the Unleashed Pet Rescue, in Topeka, Kansas.

The rescue group sent out people to help and get him to emergency care as fast as they could, they were not even sure he would make it there alive…

Little Jax had deep cuts on his neck and his face, his eyes were very swollen and forced shut by the swelling, he was in a dire state indeed!

You could tell that this little one s so happy to feel safe and cared for as he wagged his tail, it was perhaps the only sign of life there was that you could see.

It looked grim but the vet said that the signs of him making a full recovery were really good. He stitched up Jax and he spent two weeks in the intensive care, getting treatment and lots of love.

He slowly gets stronger and stronger until that day arrives that he is almost completely recovered, now he just needs a loving home and a forever family!

The rescuers want to emphasize that Jax was from what they believe to be a dog fighting ring, he was yet another victim of their savage practices.

The rescuers want us and everyone to spread the word, if you see anything suspicious then please report it, we want to bring dog fighting rings to a complete end!

Together we really can put a stop to these savage practices, let’s all join in the fight to end dog fighting!

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