Puppy Begs Worker To Save Him, Then 6 More Followed On In The Scorching Heat

To see a little pup in need of help melts almost anyone’s heart, but this construction worker had a great deal more to contend with than he first imagined…

The construction worker, Sebastian Bushey, 28-years-old was on his way home on a roasting hot day when he saw a little pup, just off the main road close to the Grand Ronde River area.

The little one was all stranded, no civilization around them, pretty much left to perish in the 105-degree-heat, how could anyone do such an awful thing!

The guy called the pup, and to his astonishment, there were six more closely following, quite nervously coming out of the distant bushes toward him.

He felt touched by the situation and filmed it on his phone, he also got a better look at the group of pups, they were clearly very thirsty and hungry, quite dehydrated in fact…

The guy said to the news:

“The puppies seemed very timid and nervous to come towards me because the bush was the only shade they had around them”

The local construction worker boldly put the pups in his truck and took them all to the local animal shelter, what a lovely guy!

All the pups finally got the love care and attention, and medical care they needed, now they would all find forever homes!

Watch this amazing video and see all these lovely pups, we are so happy they will get the lives that they deserve to have!

We just really love stories like this, because even though these pups had a bad start, they thankfully fell right on their feet and will get to live full and rich lives, loved and cared for!

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