Puppy Abandoned Inside a Truck Tire, With Just A Small Pink Blanket!

Some of us in life are born with an advantage over others, while some are born with nothing, well it’s pretty much the same for doggies too, the Streetdog Foundation helps those in need, and we think it’s really wonderful!

Based in Memphis, the Streetdog Foundation rescued a little pup recently called Panama, after the place where they found her, a street called Panama.

This little one had found a little comfort in a place that felt safe and secure, a huge tire off a truck, it seems like she had been left there with a small pink blanket, poor little one!

Hiding inside the tire to help herself feel safe and sound, to feel protected from the outside world, now thought she will be saved.

Panama was seen there and she really showed affection to the people that actually found her, the woman was determined to rescue her and came back looking for her at night.

She found Panama sleeping on her pink blanket on the side of the road …

The tiny pup was really scared with the people that came to rescue her, she desperately tried to hide in the tires, but eventually, she warmed to them.

She had mange and a worm infestation too, so she really did need immediate medical treatment, but the rescuers quickly got her the treatment she needed.

The vet said that the pup was 12 weeks old, she had treatments for the mange and worms and also all her injections too!

The vet thought that she was most likely a terrier mix breed and should weigh in at about 25 pounds when she is grown to maturity.

Little Panama is perfectly safe and is in a foster home where she can recover and feel better and safe, to grow and learn and play with children, who she really adores.

Now she can look for a forever home, Panama we wish you the very best!!

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