4 Puppies Died, After Swarms Of Killer Bees Attacked Them In The Back Yard, ‘Lucky’ Survives!

The Julian family were overjoyed, they had a big celebration, their lovely sweet Pixie had birthed a litter of pups. Unfortunately, though the time for celebration was short-lived…

Just four weeks ago the puppies were all seriously attacked, such a sad affair, that not all survived, and it was all because of bees!

A swarm of the bees attacked the dogs quite unexpectedly while the dogs were in the backyard in the middle of March.

The families daughter, Esther Julian, was also stung, she is just one-year-old, her mother focused on getting all the pups looked after, she knew it was serious!

The puppies were recovered by firemen who arrived at the house, of all the pups five were recovered, and their mom, but one remains missing, he was called Bullet!

They are such sweet and lovely bundles of fun at that age, these cute and tender little pit bull puppies were only at the start of their lives.

He looks so sad, he looks like he is crying…

Even more so it is such an awful shame that they were snatched away by the viscous attack of the Bees, two of them succumb to the venom of the Bees at the vets.

When they got home two more puppies that night, the ones that really seemed liked they were going to survive, ended up dying too, the family were in a terrible state, it was so incredibly heartbreaking!

Julian said:

“It was really sad and emotional …Because we thought they were going to make it, and we had hope for the puppies to make it.”

Julian called the last remaining surviving puppy ‘Lucky’, mom and the last pup is pulling through well given what they have been through!

Julian said about ‘Lucky’:

He is… “doing perfectly fine …He slept through the whole night… He’s been eating really well.”

After it all happened Julian wasn’t taking any more chances and hired a professional to exterminate the African ‘Killer Bees’, the honeycomb is still there though, as that costs extra…

The professional Bee terminators said that the clutter, and smells from it, in the backyard, may well have attracted the swarm of bees, and by a swarm, they mean around 30,000 bees!

The terminator said:“A lot of empty soda cans were there, which the bees like to feed off the sugar.”

The bees in Arizona are quite typical and seem to be at their worst in the months of May and June, very useful to remember!

If you’re attacked, run, If you see anyone else being attacked, tell them to run and find shelter, call 911 right away, and seek shelter too!

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