Puppies Found With Elastic Hair Bands Tight Around Their Muzzles.

There are certainly some very strange things that people do in general, but no more so than this story where the puppies are found with elastic hair ties very tightly biting into their muzzles…

The worker, responsible for maintenance was, at the time, looking into a burst pipe inside a housing complex in Wichita, Kansas, but soon made another discovery.

He opened a door to an apartment and was overcome with a terrible pungent smell, he saw a small plastic dog crate in the room, in the corner, with two puppies inside.

The puppies, that were 7-months-old were clearly in stressed out and not very happy at all, but it was very odd that they were not making any noise!?

Wichita Animal Action League, Sarah Coffman, said:

“There was feces and urine just spilling out the front of the kennel …Then he noticed that the puppies couldn’t open their mouths, so he shined a flashlight in the crate and realized that they had something wrapped around their muzzles that their noses were really swollen and red.”

Not quite sure what to do now, but not wanting to leave them there, the poor pups, he called a friend who fosters dogs for the very same Wichita Animal Action League.

Sarah said:

“She called us and was like, ‘I don’t know what to tell him to do,’ …I was like, ‘Tell him to wait right there. I’m on my way and I’m bringing the cavalry.’”

Sara accompanied by animal control officers entered the house and seized the pups, thankfully, and took them directly to the vet.

Sarah was really surprised, not in a good way when she saw what was being used to silence the scared little pups!

She said:

“We originally thought that it was wire wrapped around their noses because it was so tight …When we finally got them in the vet’s office and were able to hold them still and take a look, we realized that it was little tiny rubber bands that you’d use in your hair, no bigger around than my thumb.”

The two pups both had these quite inhumane bands around their mouths, the vet said it looked like they had been on for between 12 and 24 hours.

The vet had to use forceps to grip the tiny and cutting bands and snip them off, everyone present was really tearing up by the whole ordeal!

Sarah said:

“Hearing the sounds they made, we were helping them and doing the right thing, but the way that they screamed when those bands finally came off and the blood came rushing back to their nose was really quite heartbreaking”

If those bands would have been there for even just a few hours more then the puppies would have almost certainly suffered tissue damage, loss of smell and more, it was so close to an even more serious situation!

The pups had a lovely bath and now are fluffy and smell delightful too, their little noses are still quite sore though for the moment.

They are both said to make a full and fast recovery and are getting love and cuddles safe in a foster home where they are very happy indeed!

Sarah said:

“They’re such a great testament to how resilient dogs are because I certainly wouldn’t be as happy if that happened to me…But they’re playing and cuddling with their foster and having a great time.”

Soon the little pups will be ready to go to their forever homes and we are very confident that they will, in fact, find their homes very fast, don’t you think?

Sarah said finally:

“You would never think that you would be thankful for a pipe bursting and flooding an apartment, but it literally saved two lives.”

“It makes you go home and hug your dogs a little tighter”

We completely agree, and we do hope that justice finds the despicable responsible parties that did this to these poor innocent young beautiful creatures.

What do you think ?