Pup Shot, Starved, and Beaten With Trash Can, He Survived it all!

Being abandoned on the street is sadly not one of the worse things that can happen to a little pup, there are things that are even worse than that, this poor beautiful little pup had to be tough to survive…

His name is Wynter and he really was put through it, the pain and sadness he suffered was unthinkable, and before he was found he really did suffer!

He was subjected to sexual abuse, being shot with a BB gun and being beaten with a trash can, but this little pup fought for his life with every fiber of his being.

Trio Animal Foundation (TAF) are to be thanked greatly for the help they gave this pup really meant this pup could have another chance at life!

After she was rescued she underwent treatment, but the psychological wounds would take longer to heal, he really needed love a and a safe home.


The foster home where he was placed was giving him the much-needed love and safety, the emotional support and good meals and lovely warm safe places to sleep.

Wynter Went from weighing just five pounds to over ten pounds, what a really great difference, he was coming on leaps and bounds!

TAF’s therapy dogs see here called, Shorty, Hazel Grace, and Bentley really did help him heal and learn friendship with his doggie buddies. Now he really is becoming a lovely playful little bundle of fun!


This little handsome chap will have people queuing up to adopt him and give him a forever home, he really did need a special home to care for him and love him and give him the life and love he deserves.

Wynter may well be afflicted with doggie PTSD, but he will finally get to be the great and awesome little chap that he is, forever!


The awful things that were done to him were really sickening, the person or persons that carried out these acts were never found but maybe karma will fond them one day soon, we hope it does!

There are clear links between people who abuse animals and people who commit crimes and go on to commit awful crimes against people too, let’s hope that before this happens they are caught.

We wish you the very best Wynter and that the people or person that did this justice finds them!

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