Public’s help needed to rescue abused dog videoed on Fresno street!

On Wednesday afternoon a man was caught on video beating and dragging his dog. It happened near Ventura and ‘M’ St. in Downtown Fresno.

The witness who captured this video said the man had been hitting the abused dog before the video started rolling.

The video shows the man striking the dog. You can hear the dog squeal when hit. Then the dog is dragged and lifted from the ground.

The Fresno Animal Humane Control is asking the public for help identifying the man captured on video abusing his dog on a Fresno street Wednesday afternoon.

abused dog

According to KmphNews, the disturbing incident occurred near Ventura and “M” Street in downtown Fresno. The video shows the man beating the dog – then dragging it and picking the defenseless animal up by his leash.

According to the witness, the man had already been abusing the dog before the video began. The dog can be heard whining in pain while being hit.

If you recognize this man or have any information on him, you’re asked to call Fresno Humane Animal Control at 559-600-7387.

WARNING: This footage contains material that some viewers may find disturbing due to explicit language and/or the graphic nature of the material.

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