Euthanasia Canceled For The Dog That Killed Owners After A Public Outcry!

There are many debates about putting an animal to sleep, but considering that dogs are solely shaped by what we teach them, and all dogs can be retrained, shouldn’t all dogs have a second? Well, it seems that you all agree especially in this rare case…

This dog has had a petition to save its life after it mauled its owners to death and has resulted in a stay in its execution after the authorities in Germany admitted their mistakes after the petition had come to fruition.

The dog, a Staffordshire Terrier called Chico had been captured by firefighters who forced entry into a Hannover flat last Tuesday, where they found, in the flat, the bodies of the dog owners, dead…

The bodies were identified as Lezime K, 52, and her son Liridon, 27, and after their autopsies, it was concluded that they bled to death after the dog attacked them both.

The dog was due to be euthanized, but in a dramatic turn of events, 250,000 people signed a petition to save him, the authorities admitted that they had not considered the facts of the case…

The authorities admitted their mistake in not removing the dog from them after they recognized that the dog was trained to fight and was not suitable to be with them, it simply overwhelmed them!

Investigators said:

“An expert appraisal, had it been carried out, would have led to the owner being banned from keeping this animal”

It was also said that authorities were looking into putting the animal in a secure facility for dogs which had behavioral problems.

Authorities said:

“We are looking into whether such a facility would be able to ensure the dog was no longer a danger to the public”

Hanover animal welfare, the managing director, Heiko Schwarzfeld, said:

“If an animal sanctuary is seen as an option to save the dog’s life, it would then be a question of seeing who would pay for his keep”

It was reported by local newspapers that they bought Chico eight years ago, just before the early release from prison of her ex-hubby, because he attacked her with an axe years before!

When it happened, back in 2005, she had been severely injured and told the neighbors that the dog was there as protection, they kept the dog in a cage in the flat, she feared for her life and kept the dog for that reason.

A Social Worker recognized that the dog was a danger and made arrangements for her son, who was 20-years-old and had learning difficulties, to take the dog to a trainer, she was concerned about the dog’s state of permanent aggression.

The social worker said:

She thought that the dog “…had been trained to be a fighting machine”

The dog trainer was to advise and the veterinary inspection office, who was then supposed to make a decision if the dog could stay with the family or not, but there was no follow-up and nothing done!

Hundreds of people held a demonstration outside the Hanover veterinary inspection office, hoping to save Chico, who waits inside, in a cage to know his fate.

Schwarzfeld said:

“We have received hundreds of offers from people who want to take the dog”

Corina Ludwig, one of the petitioners, said:

“Chico deserves a second chance with someone who is experienced with dogs. Please help him to be able to finally enjoy a loving life, which is appropriate for his species.”

This dog just needs an experienced person to look after him and to be re-educated correctly, he is just doing what he was taught to do!

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