Psychotic Dog Escapes So He Can Poop On Neighbors Pillows

We love the craziness in our dogs, but sometimes crazy can mean a whole other thing, for this one dog in Auckland’s North Shore in New Zealand, a whole new level of crazy…

They had their pillow peppered with little dog toffees, at least they now know the culprit and can relax and feel like they can do something about it.

Rick Didham was super apologetic to tell us about his Bichon Frise-Shih Tzu cross, called Jack:

“Hi, I’m [sic] so embarrassed and ashamed to say this but Jack has somehow gotten out of the property more than once.”

“We’re trying to figure out how he is doing this and we will seal the hole when we find it.”

“Apparently he has been caught by more than one of our neighbors sneaking in their cat door and doing number twos on peoples [sic] bedroom pillows.”

Apparently, Jack had been in the naughty habit of pooping on neighbors’ pillows for, wait for it, a whole about two years!! It’s just now that Rick gathered the courage to admit it to everyone.

Rick’s heart was heavy when he discovered a hole in the fence that his little pooch had been using to make his little skirmishes into enemy territory.

Rick asked the neighbors if they caught him at it to not be cross with him, he said:

“…if you’re mean he comes back and does it again”.

He also invited anyone who was affected by his dog to come forward, he said:

“…we’ll look into getting your pillow-case replaced if we can”.

One person wrote:

“He’s just leaving little gifts for the neighbours. He is getting in early for Xmas!”

Jack’s owner said that he thinks he has mental health problems, and this little one might need a little professional help for sure, maybe PTSD from being rescued from a puppy mill!

Rick said:

“I’m not a dog expert but I think he has psychotic tendencies. He looks sorry but I think he’s just waiting to do it again”

“After putting up the announcement people have been coming out of the woodwork saying he did this to them as early as two years ago, right up until several months ago.”

“Apparently he is a serial offender repeatedly going back to the houses that shoo him away. You need to give him a treat and he will leave you alone.”

Some funny people, have sent rick photos of pillowcases that have obviously not got little dog poop on them, not staged at all!

Rick said:

“I have been sent two photos of stool on pillows which are clearly not Jack’s. One was on the wrong side of town and the other I could tell because Jack is only small so he couldn’t physically do that.”

“I don’t know why people would do that to their own pillows; I have a weak stomach as it is.”

Rick said that he will reimburse all Jack’s victims, so far it has cost him about $60 and he will keep paying for honest claims!

Good luck to Rick, with a good dog trainer he hope to solve his little problems and continue a happy relationship with his lovely doggie!

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