Pregnant dachshund has giant belly, but rescuers are stunned when she starts giving birth

Every so often, a dog rescue video comes along that is so powerful it lingers with you long after you’ve watched to its conclusion. This is, without a doubt, one of those stories.

You’re about to meet and be inspired by a remarkable little dog named Maria. For most of her life, Maria was neglected beyond repair.

For a few months, Maria the dachshund was paralyzed from her ribs down — and during this time, she was forcibly bred by her owners.

Paralyzed and pregnant.

Because of their long, squat bodies, dachshunds are notorious for dealing with problems in their backs and hind legs.

I can only assume that neglect is what ultimately led to her paralysis; I can only imagine how breeding made her body even weaker.

Maria’s owners realized that her C-section, which was the only way vets would be able to deliver her litter, would cost $3,000.

dog rescue

Instead of paying for the procedure, they abandoned her. That’s when Friends Of Emma, a rescue organization in Texas on a mission to dog rescue and heal homeless and abandoned dogs, took Maria in and saved her life.

Upon her first and much-needed visit to the vet, Maria was diagnosed with anemia. It was as a result of a severe flea infestation, along with a score of infections.

She was also emotionally scarred and terrified for her life — and the lives of her unborn babies.

But fear not, because this story has the ultimate happy ending.

I don’t want to give it away. So, you’ll have to see what happened to Maria and her puppies (and how many she was carrying) by watching her story below.

What a lovely ending to a heartbreaking dog rescue story!

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