Powerful Video Shows Us What It’s REALLY Like For Abandoned Pets !!

Here, we meet a woman who finds a lost dog found and takes him to what looks like a kill shelter.

Seconds later, things take a crazy turn when the woman is left to her own devices, a witness to the sheer strangeness taking place around every corner.

I won’t give it away, but she’s met with truly bizarre and creepy scenes in this facility where animals and humans have switched places. People are locked in cages, being poked and prodded, and dragged around by their necks. It’s as if they’re being held hostage and treated like props.

The entire time, however, the woman remains silent. Perhaps she’s too stunned and confused to speak up?

Sure, it’s the stuff of nightmares, but it’s all a set-up created by French YouTube personality Rémi Gaillard, the man “working” the front desk at the beginning.

This video, entitled “Doggies Care” isn’t so much a prank on the woman but rather a message to society as a whole, urging us humans to put more thought and care into the way we treat animals — especially when contemplating surrender or abandonment.

At the end of the Shelter video, we see a heartbroken dog chained up on the roadside with the caption, “I am someone not something.” Viewers found  powerful enough to make it go viral with nearly four million views on YouTube.

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