Pound ‘Disciplined’ dog with choke poles till it went limp, then dragged him to his kennel!

An animal control security facility located in Chicago, United States has come under fire for the mistreatment of a stray named Spike.

The video was obtained from the City of Chicago by Better Government association, a non-profit investigative journalism outlet housed in Illinois.

The scene was taken from the security cameras in the Chicago City Pound. Using choke poles and a tightly chained collar, spike was quickly neutralized by workers after he panicked.

The video circulating online has generated vast criticism from animal lover worldwide. The pound used Mosaic to cover the workers’ faces, in a bid to protect their identities from the outrage.

Unfortunately, the workers present in the video were not fired; they justified their act to be a form of canine discipline.

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Warning: Disturbing content.

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