A Popular Easter Treat Can Kill Your Dog, And We Don’t Mean Chocolate!

There are becoming more and more hidden dangers in modern food, the obvious killer that most people know about is chocolate, but there is another which can be fatal for your doggie too…

This sweet treat is in many households in different parts of the world, in one form or another, many things contain this ingredient, during festive celebrations and Easter too!

Every table in Australia over Easter has this sweet treat for the whole family, but not for dogs, its disastrous for them!

Hot Cross buns are lovely and tasty and delicious, but they contain a killer, just a single bit could kill your dog, causing kidney failure.

Specialist Dr. Emily Cook said that the raisins in the buns are the problem and for dogs, it’s a huge problem, but as yet we don’t really know why this is the case!


The flesh of the raisin, like the skin too, is toxic to dogs if its ingested, as grapes are too if they eat them, it’s straight to the hospital as quick as you can.

Dr. Cook said:

“Being Easter, more products are on the market at the moment and people like to just toss their dog a bit of raisin toast or a hot cross bun at breakfast, but even one raisin could be lethal.”

Ellie, a sweet doggie, ate an entire loaf of raisin bread, she started foaming at the mouth and had to be rushed to the hospital!

Emily’s family saw that the bread was missing, she had to be put on a drip for at least 24 hours, the contents of her stomach had to be emptied out!


If she had not been treated then she would more than likely had symptoms of kidney failure like vomiting, diarrhea, increased thirst and terrible abdominal pains.

The weird thing is that some dogs are affected and some are not and nobody really knows why this is, or even what makes them so toxic to some doggies!

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