Poorly Dog Pushed From Minivan In Seattle, $5,000 Reward Offered…


September, in West Seattle, someone threw a poorly dog from a minivan. This awful action has sparked everyone to do their damndest to find the person responsible, in fact, authorities have even offered a $5,000 reward for information that would lead them to arrest and subsequently convict the person.

The Society, based in the United States, called ‘The Humane Society’ who are putting up the funds for the reward, announced on Tuesday that the poorly dog was in a very poor condition, medically he was very sick, suffering even before he was thrown from the stationary vehicle.

Seattle Animal Shelter Executive Director Ann Graves, said:

“This is a very disturbing case of callousness and an act of animal cruelty”

The whole sordid affair happened on the 24th September on the 5600 block of 38th Av Southwest, a witness told authorities that the dog was pushed out of a purple Dodge minivan.

The Animal Shelter said that the dog, who was not neutered, was an adult dog and was an American pit bull terrier breed, sadly didn’t survive.

In the minivan, the suspect was said to be a large build African-American guy with what looked like dreadlocks.

Dan Paul, Washington state director for The Humane Society of the United States, said:

“Abandoning an animal that is suffering and in desperate need of medical attention is unconscionable and a clear violation of our state’s animal cruelty statutes”

“We are grateful the Seattle Animal Shelter was able to respond quickly and hopeful that this reward brings forward anyone with information about this heinous act of cruelty.”

Anyone with any information at all is asked to call the Seattle Animal Shelter on 206-386-4288.

Let’s spread this news and help find the perpetrator!


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