Poor Missing Pup Finally Found After 2 Weeks, But How He Survived Will Break You

Last week, a Bordeaux Mastiff named Zeus went missing after he got spooked and ran away from his owner.

His human took to social media to share his picture with family, friends, and even strangers, hoping that their beloved four-legged love would be found.

Fortunately, their efforts worked and this adorable guy is doing A-okay!

If you’ve ever lost a pet, you know that it is extremely hard not to lose hope. So, you can probably imagine how thrilled Zeus’ owner got the call that his pup had been found!

Stuck In Bracken

Zeus ended up getting himself tangled in thick fern known as bracken.

It’s unknown how long he was trapped there, but it is believed that he drank rain water for days, keeping himself alive.

He was discovered by two guys who had decided to head to the fell to look for the dog.

“We came across the dog stuck in four foot high bracken. He could only move about two feet.  If it hadn’t have been raining I don’t think he would have survived.

He was very skinny and had lost a lot of weight. If it hadn’t have been raining I don’t think he would have survived. When we got to the dog it was very scared, but when I got my sandwich out it calmed down.

We couldn’t stop smiling, we couldn’t believe we had found him,” said Jez Starkey, who helped rescue Zeus along with his pal, Adam Briggs.

Zeus Is One Lucky Pup

Jez and Adam didn’t expect to find the dog, but it was a miracle that they did! They lured Zeus out and gave him some water.

The guys were able to get in touch with Zeus’ owner and the pup is back home where he belongs, thanks largely in part to his two heroes — and the rain!

How’s that for a feel-good story for the day?