Poor Dog Pushed Out To A Shelter With All His Toys and His Bed

We love to hear about when dogs get adopted but are equally as sad to her that it hasn’t worked out and they are back in a shelter again, this poor doggie…

This little doggie, Wall-E was really young when he was first adopted from a shelter in Maricopa County back in 2015.

Since then the Labrador mix breed of doggie thought he found a forever family, they took him home and spoiled him, looked after him and he had lots of treats and cuddles.

Just as recently as September he suddenly found himself back in a shelter and without a home again, they put all his possessions and his bed in a plastic trash bag…

His owner sad goodbye with tears, but goodbye nevertheless.

This poor doggie just didn’t seem to understand why he was there, he pined for his owner and his home and family, all the familiar things that make him feel safe.

Wall-E was not just sad, he was really heartbroken and feeling pretty scared away from the familiarity of his home.

For the family, things had really changed and they could not care for him anymore, certainly not in the way they thought he deserved.

Jordan Bader, who runs a Facebook page for the adoptable dogs said:

“He was surrendered by his family because they did not have enough time for him …He was very scared. In his kennel, he would bark and bark.”

The shelter wasn’t really at all like his home, but not like the dog hotel either, Wall-E could not even have his toys or bed in the kennel there, he missed the people he was most attached too so much!

As people passed him by they could almost see his psychological wounds but the shelter knew he was a really sweet dig, someone just needed to see that.

Jordan said:

“Because of his kennel presence and evaluations, he was passed up by many people …[But] with volunteers he was very sweet and playful and loved doing zoomies.”

Months on end Wall-E waited in the shelter for a loving family or anyone that would love him to take him home.

Jordan had an idea to help him out, he would tell his story and hope that it would reach far and wide and a special person would fall in love with him and take him home.

It worked!!

Jordan explained what he did:

“About six volunteers and I run the [Facebook] page and network for the shelter dogs …We knew this picture would be heartbreaking and would get a lot of attention, but we had no idea it would blow up as it did. We had so many people interested in him.”

A woman called Lynn Lee saw the photo, she was so moved buy it that she headed to the shelter to meet Wall-E in person.

Lyn came with her own doggie, to see how it went, they really got along so well that the day after Wall-E’s photo was put online, he was well on his way to his amazing new forever home.

Jordan then said:

“They have been amazing ..Wall-E gets along great with the family, loves dog parks and cuddling.”

Wall-E is now with his mom, his new mom, of course, he is so happy to be loved and to give his love, he is enjoying his new bed even more after his long stint in the shelter, good luck Wall-E!

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