Poor Dog Desperately Seeking A Home After Four Years In A Shelter

We, as dog lovers have about as many dogs as we can cope with in our house, but if we could adopt more, than absolutely we would, be some dogs are not so lucky to find a home, especially this poor dog…

The animal shelter in Maine is looking to find this dog a forever home, being a purebred Staffordshire bull terrier this dog has had the worst luck at finding a home…

The dog came to the shelter four years ago and very sadly never managed to tempt anyone to adopt, we really hope that we can contribute to this lovely girl, and finding her a forever home.

Her name is Ginger and Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills put her picture, with a sign around her neck saying this:

“I have been in the shelter for 1,456 days …Please adopt me.”

Toward the end of October, they also posted to Facebook and the shelter described Ginger, in their words as:

“…an amazing dog”

They said that everyone that works at the shelter really loves her but she also really needs a forever home and a family to love her.

They said that she really is a princess but:

“…she does have some issues with resource guarding, so no small children.”

Her information says that she has been spayed and that she is up for adoption, she is not good with other dogs, cats or children though…

Everyone that wants to look towards adopting her also needs to have their references checked and the shelter staff will also do home visits for any adopters before they are approved.

We hope that he will find a really excellent hope and that he will be very happy there, maybe it could be a home with you, but wherever she ends up with truly wish her the very best.

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