Pooch And Duck Have Been Best Friends Since They Were Babies !!

Many dogs have no problem causing some innocent ruckus with other animals — and it’s always adorable to see.

There’s the lively pooch and horse who enjoy playing tug-of-war and running after each other. And there’s also the Jack Russell terrier who rides on the back of a horse named Spanky.

Featured below, Biggie the duck and Occy the dog are unlike any pair of friends you’ve ever seen before. Their friendship began when both the dog and duck were babies, as you’ll see at the :21 mark. Now, the North Carolina animals are partners in crime.

“You’ll see them napping together, they eat grass together, they’ll swim together,” their owner, Frances Marsh, said. “They do everything together.”

Wait till you see them hanging out together in a little pool at the :46 mark. It will bring a smile to your face.

What’s even funnier is that Biggie doesn’t realize he’s a bird and not a canine. He also doesn’t enjoy hanging out with any other ducks in the nearby creek.

“He won’t actually even eat duck food,” Marsh said. “He eats the dog’s food and drinks out of their water bowl.”

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