Police Want Your Help To Get Justice For Two Dogs Thrown From Moving Truck

Well we have heard calls from many people before for help, but this heartfelt call from the New York police really has hit a chord with everyone, can you help?

Two dogs were abandoned and in a particularly awful way too: The two dogs, which looked liked beagle cross breeds, were apparently thrown from a window of a moving vehicle.

The whole thing was witnessed by a good samaritan who told the police that he stopped straight away to rescue and help the two doggies!

The police came to the truck driver, one dog he was carrying in his arms and the other followed him, the dog he carried was really badly hurt.

A press release said:

“Troopers immediately rendered assistance to the injured dog.”

“A New York State Police K9 handler bandaged the injured dog to stop bleeding and splinted its leg while other troopers kept the dog warm in a warming blanket and in the truck driver’s sweatshirt.”

“The smaller dog was fed dog biscuits and ate half a box.”

The Broome County Humane Society was contacted after the police gave immediate care to the dogs, they are now named Trooper and Adam!

Trooper was in a really bad way, though Adam was ok. The humane society vet found that Trooper had fractured his front legs, ribs and had contusions in his lungs too.

They collected donation to help to pay for the dogs care that was very specialist care too, he needed to go to the Colonial Veterinary Hospital in Ithaca.

Sadly the hospital needed to amputate one of his front legs, Trooper is now focusing on recovery and learning to walk on three legs, poor boy!

Broome County Humane Society said:

“We have received enough donations to cover our expenses thus far which is fantastic! We will continue to provide for their needs until they find their forever homes”

Broome County Humane Society also said that any remaining funds left after the fundraising will be used to help the hundreds of other animals that the shelter cares for every year.

We are not surprised that everyone who hears this story is either upset or outraged, or both, to see such cruelty that was inflicted in these dogs.

We are very glad that the good Samaritan stepped in and selflessly helped to save these dogs from an awful fate.

What do you think ?