Police Shoot And Kill ‘Aggressive’ Dog During A Robbery Investigation!

Killing a dog is not a nice thing, and although we accept that the police carry guns, that doesn’t mean that they can shoot them just on a whim, well this story seems to highlight a situation that was very upsetting!

The Police say that the dog was ‘aggressive’ and that he was shot during the execution of a search warrant, and he was shot out of fears from an officers safety…

The 2-year-old called Gucci was a cane corso and pressa canario mix breed doggie, the whole incident has gathered much attention on social media too, ‘#JusticeforGucci’.

So many people have expressed both their disappointment and anger with the police and how they have not only done it but how do they have dealt with it.

The Police, on the other hand, say that the officers had no choice at all but to shoot the dog, citing that heavily-armed tactical police officers were in the process of executing a search warrant relating to an armed robbery.


Police released this:

“During the execution of the search warrant, police encountered an aggressive dog that had to be put down for officer safety reasons.”

While they searched the property they found, 89 assorted iPhones, stolen during the robbery, a replica gun and a knife used in the robbery, they recovered $100,000 at least in the property.

This leaves the question open still about the dog, will there be an investigation? Well, it doesn’t look like it, unless the public outcry is sufficient!

Three boys ranging in age from 16 to 17, who can’t be identified, have been arrested in connection with the raid early Saturday morning.

They face charges of robbery among other things, using an imitation firearm and possession of property that was stolen.

The teen who owned the dog said his dog was shot in his parent’s bedroom, how awful for her, what a shock it must have been for her, innocent in all this!

Her owner said:

“She didn’t have to die …I can’t imagine how terrified she was.”

Would the police shoot people during a raid? If they did they would surely have to justify that their life was in danger!

…But heavily-armed and more than likely heavily protected, police appeared to have chosen to shoot the dog instead of restraining her, what a sad and awful end for her!

‘Gucci, we hope that you are at peace now, free from the pain, suffering, and fear you felt when you were shot, and even though you were taken before your time, callously silenced forever by the long arm of the law, we hope you are happy and have found peace on the other side of the rainbow, running free forever!’

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