Police Rescue Undercover Kitten, Now They Fight Crime Together!

One thing you see very commonly is dogs working in the police, humans, and dogs as partners together, and we are not just talking about the movies, there are plenty of real partnerships in real life too, but have you ever heard of a cop and a kitty partnered together?

So your thinking that dogs seem more of a natural choice, more trainable too, and you could very well be right, but that doesn’t mean that a cop couldn’t have a kitty as a partner, they are surely capable albeit that dogs do have really great endurance!

A little kitty called ‘Squirt’ and his partner in justice, called DonutOperator on him Instagram teamed up. T started after he found him trying to hide from the world under a dumpster.

DonutOperator fell for the kitten and adopted him, ever since that day they have been cruising the streets together, we could imagine they would be kicking crime to the curb together!

Squirt is actually keeping his human partner happy and relaxed and perhaps also guard the house when his human is away from it, who knows what tricks he has picked up in his paws while fighting crime!

Squirt, the completely gorgeous kitten was found by the cops hiding under a dumpster.

The kitten thought that he was undercover, so it really made sense for the cop to adopt this kitten, seeing as he was undercover (of the dumpster) in such a professional way!

The fight crime together both him and Squirt!

Well, this guy does, for sure:

Squirt really would prefer to stay safe at home and watch over the other cats…

Squirt is ever ready to serve and protect though. However, only when it’s not playtime… Or sleepy time!

See Squirt in his glory below in the video:

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