Police rescue Dog from Lagoon

Police officers don’t always make arrests. Sometimes, they have to serve as a mediator, counselor, and even animal rescuer.

When answering a call, they have no idea what they will encounter. Will there be danger? Violence? Puppy love?

On a call to McGovern Park last Wednesday, Milwaukee police officers Joe Spingola and Mike Smith found themselves in a twisted situation.

They were at the park to help two kids untangle their fishing gear from some weeds of a lagoon. The call became interesting when they suddenly heard a splash.

The police department wrote on their Facebook page: “Looking around to find what it was, they saw movement below the weeds and lily pads. A small dog had fallen or jumped into the lagoon.” The two officers tried reaching the dog with their snares, but they were too short.


The pooch’s owner was nowhere to be found; a park employee sprang in to action. But their net was too short to be of any help.

The fire department was then called in. While everyone waited for the backup to arrive, the poor pup started to slide beneath the water. Knowing the tiny creature was drowning, officer Spignola jumped into the lagoon to save the helpless animal.

The police department showed the dramatic rescue on Facebook: “As Officer Spingola was swimming towards the dog, the dog was struggling to keep afloat. When he reached him, the dog was wrapped up in the weeds, tangled in fishing line and had a hook and bobber hanging from him.”


Officer Spignola and the pup made it safely to shore. The heroic officer didn’t let weeds get in his way of taking the dog to safety. The puppy was then driven to the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission where he was given a full examination.

Thankfully, his traumatic ordeal left him unscathed. The police have yet to locate his owner and hope they’ll come forward to claim their precious little bundle.

Have you ever participated in a dangerous rescue of an animal? When you noticed the potential danger, did you hesitate? How did the rescue end?