Police Officer Shoots Dog Twice At His Home, Owner Doesn’t Believe His Reason!

Our dogs really are part of our family and as such, they are so important to us, so to lose them is deeply sad and hard to accept, but to lose them for what seems like an impossible reason is the worse way of all…

This family from Titusville, Fla, were in this exact position with their dog when they woke up on morning and their dag had been shot, not once but twice, by a police officer.

The officer said that the dog had taken a dive for him and he had no choice, but the family really don’t believe it happened like this!

The family are desperately seeking answers and want to find out the truth about what happened!

Police arrived on the scene after they had received reports that there was a dog loose in the neighborhood area.


The case report of the police officer states that he forgot to turn on his bodycam that morning, very convenient right?

He said the dog, called Prince, lunged forward towards him, but he family really are not convinced and want proof, can you blame them?

Donna Wood Princes owner said:

“I want a justifiable reason, proof, which I’m now not going to get. Justice for my dog.”

A the time it happened Donna was staying with her mother for the night and woke up to the news that her dog had been shot early Saturday morning by the Police Officer.

Donna said: “The officer actually shot my dog through his nostril, through his jaw, taking off his back teeth and messing up his back jaw.”

Michael Shimshock called the police and reported that there were two dogs loose around his house, that was about 10 am on Saturday.

He went on to explain what happened, he was walking his dog at the time when a large grey doggie charged at him… Micheal wasn’t hurt but a little shaken and called the police to report the incident!

The police officer who attended the scene said he just forgot to turn on hos bodycam, but unfortunately, that’s just one step away from the dog ate my homework and unsurprisingly the family doesn’t believe it!

Officer Lincoln Storm described how he tried to knock on the door but the dog dived at him with his mouth open…

Lincoln promptly fired two shots at the dog.

Lincoln said: “He was one of my kids and I had no choice but to put him down and put him out of his misery.”

The police reported that animal control had been to the address at least four times before and Prince has bitten a woman before, but Donna said that was not true and he didn’t do it!

She said that:

“He’s never bitten, attacked a dog, attacked a cat, attacked a kid, a squirrel, nothing.”

We are sad and outraged by the police officers actions that morning, there are no excuses for not just what he did but how he did it! Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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